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Naiyer Asif

Hi, I’m Naiyer

I’m a software engineer working from India. Welcome to my corner on the web where I share my thoughts on software engineering, design, books, and other interesting stuff. Most of the posts here are guides and tutorials that document a concept or process. They serve as a reference for what I learn, and a source of criticism and scorn constructive feedback.

Random facts

About this site

Building a personal site made me

It also spurred my networking with people from different backgrounds.

All code is compromise

Apply your judgement, discuss with your peers, and use what’s best suited for your usecase.

You can use the content on this site under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and the source code and the code samples under the MIT License.

If you spot something that’s horribly wrong, give me a shout on Mastodon @naiyer or start a discussion on GitHub. If you want to improve something, I’ve provided the edit links under each post.

The stack

It’s fashionable to build personal sites and talk about their stack. I got this asked many times so here’s the stack of this site.

I’m not using any frontend frameworks. It’s the boring (but reliable) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web components running the show.