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<input type=range> is an absolutely horrible way to accept values on touch devices, especially when the range is large. Provide an element where users can directly type the value.

If a developer fails to close a database connection, it may never be returned to the connection pool. This leads to a connection leak which can throttle an app to a standstill. Learn a way to detect it using Hikari.

I was playing with 11ty/is-land by @zachleat on my site built with Lume and this thought struck me: its so incredible that this thing is framework / library agnostic. Such a webby thing to do. We need to build more of such things.

Love that @ublockorigin allows me to block the remote fonts on sites, thus forcing a more legible system font stack. Works like charm on Twitter.

I’ve been a big fan of CTEs. In many cases, they are easier to reason with. They are also faster when the same datasets need to be reused.

Ory Hydra is an open source OpenID Connect Provider. It implements OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework and the OpenID Connect Core 1.0 framework. It can issue OAuth 2.0 Access, Refresh, and ID tokens. Learn how to setup Hydra using Docker, create a client and test a Client Credentials flow.
Describing problems in the software engineering is just as hard as naming things. The Problem Details specification proposes a standard way to convey the details when something goes wrong.