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TypeScript has been gaining popularity and adoption for a while as a strongly-typed flavor of JavaScript. And Express has been a fan-favorite for writing JavaScript backend. So how do we use them together?
RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker that implements several messaging protocols. It can be used as an exchange server (or broker). Learn how to create a queue with RabbitMQ and interact with it using Spring Boot.
Code coverage is a measure of how much of your code executes when the automated tests run. JaCoCo is a popular tool that helps developers quantify this metric for a Java application. Learn how to use it with Maven and generate a coverage report that can be viewed in a browser.
File upload is a common feature in many web applications. How to upload a file through an Angular application and Spring service? And what to do if the upload takes a while?
Say, you’ve an Angular application that talks to a service through a network. Both of them are running in separate containers, which can be on the same or different docker stack. How would you keep the service privately accessible only to the Angular application which is exposed to the host?